Sign in. Would appreciate opinions on … Photograph of a ceremony on the fantail of a battleship, [s.d.]. What is a Fantail? Below the fantail are the two powerful 6 foot propellers that propel the ship and the large twin rudders used to steer the SLATER. Originaly a sailing ship feature, stronger structurally, protected the rudder, and added buoyancy aft on the 'cods head and mackrel tail' or clipper waterplanes of the period, however some of the later ones, like some on launches, were stylized to extremes just for the deck area. Fantail definition, a tail, end, or part shaped like a fan. 444. ‘The heritage group dedicated to restoring Holgate Windmill in York to a full working state, with a new set of five sails and fantail, has a range of merchandise to help fund its worthy cause.’ FASCIA : A strip of wood used on covering openings in joiner work.. Fantail: Overhanging part of a vessel's stern. 2019 Fantail Breakfast Speaker Schedule: 21 MARCH — RADM Michelle Skubic, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command Examples of how to use “fantail” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs is "The rear or overhang of a ship.". Fantail [goldfish] The Fantail goldfish is the western form of the Ryukin that possesses an egg-shaped body, a high dorsal fin, a long quadruple caudal fin, and no shoulder hump. • FANTAIL (noun) The noun FANTAIL has 1 sense:. ‘Despite going to sea on a boat with no windows, no fantail, no helipad or even a hatch to allow in some tension-breaking fresh salt air, submariners are still sailors at heart.’ ‘Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Hans Jacobs led the deck and rigging crew, as they safely lifted the AAV from the ocean and onto the ship's fantail.’ ... an overhang consisting of the fan-shaped part of the deck extending aft of the sternpost of a ship. [1] [2]... View from fantail of ship showing salvage crew aboard sub. Q: A: What does fantail. The quarter deck is the area of the ship where the gangway comes aboard and where the ship’s watch is posted. The DEs were the first destroyer type vessels to have twin rudders to increase their maneuverability against submarines. In context|nautical|lang=en terms the difference between stern and fantail is that stern is (nautical) the rear part or after end of a ship or vessel while fantail is (nautical) an overhanging deck at the stern of a ship. 1 2. abbreviation? (Redirected from Fantail (ship)) In naval architecture, a poop deck is a deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the rear, or "aft", part of the superstructure of a ship. Ship design followed a pattern of mimicking the previous design for many, many years. From Anglo-Saxon faehom. fantail (plural fantails) Any of several birds, of the genus Rhipidura, from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The main deck area over the stern is called the fantail or poop deck. An officer is standing near a star-spangled cylinder in the background at right. fantail. What does fantail mean? Fantail focuses on the team and an individual’s personal development, leadership skills, processes, and safety. abbreviation is "The rear or overhang of a ship.". Q: A: What is shorthand of The rear or overhang of a ship. An overhanging deck at the stern of a ship Just got our cabin assignment for Nov. 22 Golden to Hawaii-E731, fantail balcony. One of the definitions of fantail. Yes! The Fantail Breakfast draws its inspiration from the fantail of the ship where crew members can often be found sharing information. Poop deck of a model of the Soleil-Royal, as seen from the forecastle. The fantail is one of the few native bird species in New Zealand that has been able to adapt to an environment greatly altered by humans. Have never had fantail location. What do you think of the answers? The Ailerons on a stack . Southern Cross. Frame: An athwartship beam which provides structural strength to a ship. The flat part of the bottom of the ship is called the bilge. The Fantail goldfish may have either metallic or nacreous scales and normal or telescope eyes. 1. an overhang consisting of the fan-shaped part of the deck extending aft of the sternpost of a ship Familiarity information: FANTAIL used as a noun is very rare. Fantail: The after end of the main deck. To learn more, contact Mandy Hurd. They are sometimes called the "fantail", I am booking on the Norwegian Jewel. The quarter deck watch is the sailor whose duty station is to stand guard at the gangway and control access to the ship. The fantail is an overhang at the extreme rear of the ship, aft of the poop deck and closer to level with the main deck. Forecastle, Foc'sle: Forward section of the deck on which the anchor handling equipment is located. Originally distance spanned by man's outstretched arms. Fantail : The after end of the main deck. Fantail conservation. The act of fooling yourself into thinking you've had a great time at port whithout actually leaving the ship. The fantail, warned by Maui to be quiet, began laughing and woke Hine-nuite-po, who was so angry that she promptly killed Maui. The watch refers to the group of men actually on duty at any given time. Any of several domestic varieties of pigeon having a fan-shaped tail. The deck of the ship can be seen in the foreground at right, and uniformed sailors are lined up in two lines around the perimeter. The meaning of fantail. Can my Organization Sponsor a Breakfast? The poop deck is located on the fantail of the ship - the back end and it was where the sailors of old took their dump. Take the Quiz: Salty Language: U.S. Navy Slang. Fantail definition: a breed of domestic pigeon having a large tail that can be opened like a fan | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Fantail : Main deck section in after part of flush-deck ship. This is a timelapse recording of a ship rat preying on a fantail nest in Hamilton, New Zealand. Understant that the stack is from the days of steam ships and are most often ornamental now. Most the time they just hung over the side. ‘I make my way to the rear of the ship out on the fantail.’ 1.2 The fan of a windmill. It has not quite the same meaning as counter, but comes very close to it. They are part of the highest level of balcony cabin. FAP : Family Advocacy Program : Fathom : In measuring depth of water, six feet. See more. Its wide distribution and habitat preferences, including frequenting well-treed urban parks and gardens, means that most people encounter fantails occasionally. Fantail’s brand is centered around a fantail on a windmill, providing direction and power to produce the desired outcome. Information and translations of fantail in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Any of several goldfish having a large fan-shaped tail. Hull forms in the late 19th Century were direct descendants of the previous hull forms, all at full-scale ship size. Telescope eyes do not develop until the fish is 6 months old. Usage examples of "fantail". Fantail-class destroyers were a class of destroyer used by the Corporate Alliance. The fantail was the rear or aft deck of the ship. Dictionary entry overview: What does fantail mean? Forward section of the 02 level on the Carl Vinson. Fantail: the overhanging part of a ship's stern, a term used particularly in the case of large yachts and passenger liners.Although the correct word for the stern overhang of all ships, it is not often used in this connection except in the U.S.A. On the bridge, at the bullnose and on the fantail, lookouts were combing the sky with binoculars.. The basics of a balcony cabin are the same, whether your cruise room is located midship or aft. At night, the same movie was shown on an open-air screen on the ship's fantail for the troops. mean? In preparing this quiz I have used my experience as a sailor, and have frequently refered to a great website, Q: A: What is fantail. Most people chose this as the best definition of fantail: Any of a breed of domesti... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Fantail aims to change company culture, to where turning problems into positives will help achieve your goals. Standing on the fantail of a ship beneath a canopy of starlight alone on a moonless night, the first time he'd ever seen the Southern Cross and it made him weep for the beauty, the implication was, at once symbolic and wondrous. I know the folklore is be in the middle of a cruise ship, but with stabilizers, and the view of the wake, sheilded from the wind, and large suites adjacent, Im tempted. Galley: Space where food is prepared. mast or off the fantail are electronics pods that usually hold radar assemblies and comms units. The fantail is the back or rear of a ship. Never called a kitchen. Double J. The fantail is one of New Zealand’s best known birds, with its distinctive fanned tail and loud song, and particularly because it often approaches within a metre or two of people. FANTAIL: The overhanging stern section of vessels which have round or elliptical after endings to uppermost decks and which extend well abaft the after perpendicular. The travel agent says they are desirable. The area of the upper deck of a ship that is nearest the stern. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. They are mostly used now as ventilation and exhuast stacks to help keep fresh air circulating through the ship. ? 1 decade ago. as abbreviation means "The rear or overhang of a ship.". Over hundreds of years, sailors have developed a vocabulary almost unintelligible to landlubbers. The back end of the ship on the hangar deck level is known as the fantail.