The Vietnamese may also smile or laugh quietly when talking about painful or awkward experiences. In rural Vietnam, kinship plays an important role. Family. Soy sauce, fish sauce, mint, and basil are popular ingredients. This is a general thing throughout Asia, and definitely applicable to Vietnamese culture, since shoes are often dirty and have no place indoors. Currently the Vietnamese are trying to solve their problems by following the Chinese model – i.e. Husband and wife 3. Words . to. The Vietnamese family structure creates the framework of social-identity in the Vietnamese culture. •    Forbearance Asians can probably handle them well, but should remember they have some Western characteristics including French rationality and emotive behaviour as well as occasional American free-wheeling traits. Avoid being boastful or showing off wealth. They might view that American culture is totally different from their own and it could be wrong to them. The women wear a long tunic which is long-sleeved, has a high neckline and slits cut down to the waist. Vietnamese cuisine is appreciated across the world. Though Vietnamese people standard of living is not high when compared to other countries all over the world, their mental life is diversified and distinctive with numerous unspoken rules in family as well as in society. Tradition is of a collective leadership according to Confucian tenets. A shogun-like figure was usually ‘king’. Hanoi office: Suite 316, G3CD Building , Vu Pham Ham St , Hanoi, HCM office: Suite A703, Khang Gia Building, Go Vap Dist, HCM, Email: / Agriculture is one of the few areas in which men and women share tasks in Vietnamese culture. Part of the Richard Lewis Communications Group, © 2020 | WordPress Web Development by CuCo. The traditional enmity for and resistance to China is the central theme of Vietnamese society. Tribal chiefs – civil, religious and military – were often large landowners and controlled serfs. INSIDE TRAVEL - The Real Local Experiences! The age-old tradition of respect for the elderly is reflected in the leadership. Comparing with Eastern cultures, Chinese culture values family over clan while Vietnamese culture values clan over family. The current relaxation of hostility to Americans is because they see the US as a political counterweight to China, as well as an economic counterweight to Japan. Vietnam has seen growing popularity of expensive smartphones all over, and on top of that, the number one phone accessory is a customized phone number (essentially the equivalent of vanity registration plates in western culture), ubiquitously advertised in any SIM card shop. imperialism value of life satirical essay extra curricular activities drunk driving social media shooting an elephant slaves nature vs. nurture career goals depression gmo coming-of-age cultural identity the value of life. Salary differentials have been vastly widened. Gift giving in Vietnam. Cultural Values. •    Nationalism “Keeping the Face” in Vietnam business culture. Vietnam values are still day by day on the way of continuity and change despite the profound influence of other countries including China, the US, France due to their dominance for centuries. Lesson; Quiz & Worksheet - Vietnamese Facts & Food Quiz; Course; Start today. They are opening up to ASEAN countries for the same reasons. Values. The literary tradition is strong particularly in poetry. •    Restraint Political (socialist) considerations have up to now dominated business, but the doi moi (renovation) process has done a lot to liberalise the economy and soften attitudes. Decision-making is by consensus. It exhibits great diversity but can be classified into three primary categories pertaining to the north, south, and central regions of the country. Official Member : ASTA#900260032 - American Society of Travel Agents. Basically Asian and restrained, but with French and some American traits. Power was hereditary. The cohesiveness and health of the family unit is often a main imperative. Many Vietnamese traditions and customs are based around their ancestral beliefs. •    Entrepreneurism (esp. In traditional Vietnamese culture, kinship plays an important role in Vietnam. … Vietnamese Culture Values. •    Collectivist (society over individual) Chinese cultural influence in Vietnam is, however, pervasive, just as it is in Japan. The list of values and core beliefs below straddles northern and southern concepts: •    Confucian: work ethic, duty, morality Less use of oil and greater use of vegetables is preferred. Political dissension is of course currently taboo. I have been fortunate enough to explore and familiarize myself with the Vietnamese and American culture and have noticed the distinct differences between the two. A typical extended family in Vietnam often includes grandparents, parents, and children. Traditions (especially in the countryside and mountains) adhering to totemism, animism, tattooing, chewing betel nuts and blackening of teeth, have little application to modern city life but indicate the cultural affinities of the Vietnamese to the Khmer and Melano-Indonesian peoples and stress the non-Chinese side of their culture. They mainly inhabit the Red River delta with the famous Red River civilization. The Vietnamese value system is based on four basic tenets: allegiance to the family, yearning for a good name, love of learning, and respect for other people. If it can be said that Western cultures value individualism, then it can also be said that Eastern cultures value the roles of family and clan. Vietnamese culture is a fusion of traditional and contemporary values, the harmony of many religions in one country and the closeness of family members. vietnamese cultural values. Their sense of time, basically Asian and cyclic, has been affected by French and American influences, so that mañana tendencies observable in the Philippines and Indonesia are less of a problem in Vietnam. Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups. Good education and a high rate of literacy lends people confidence in communication. ... Vietnam's socialist government has created a range of secular celebrations to glorify official history and values. to. Search Pages. Countries are not dominoes. The Americans were wrong – there was no Sino-Vietnamese international communist conspiracy. For example, divorced is widely accepted in American culture, to them is could be wrong because of traditional family values. Make sure to read the tips on Vietnamese culture, customs and communication to blend in with the locals and have a memorable trip to a new culture. The traditional beliefs and values are first clearly reflected in family life. Vietnamese Culture. Self respect and loss of face are very much on their mind. Ideals of equality have been abandoned. •    Respect for learning Being members of the immediate family and of the extended family, they are connected together by a strong sense of collective responsibility, loyalty and mutual obligation. The idea is that people can exclude unlucky numbers (such as seven) and preferably includes lucky numbers (such as … It’s often done as a way to modestly acknowledge what another person is saying without seeming too over-enthusiastic. Smiling: Smiling can have many connotations in Vietnamese culture. Please kindly tell us anything about your trip: How many people, Style, Destinations, Duration, Departure date... We will send you the best offers quickly! North) Cultural relativism can be also an argument why Vietnamese living in Garden Grove has preserved their culture. They are living entities with national leaders who pursue their own agendas. With their intelligence, Vietnamese has skillfully accepted positive things while keeping typical ones. An extended family A good relationship … 2. The culture of Cham people is one of the earliest cultures in Vietnamese history. Communication patterns and use of language. Important symbols representing Vietnamese culture include dragon – the symbol of royalty, strength, and prosperity, turtle - the myth in Ho Guom lake, a wise and mysterious power, and lotus – the simple and pure beauty that once featured in a poem of Ho Chi Minh. © 2010 - 2018 Inside Travel Corporation all rights reserved. Their old men must be deferred to and are currently in control in any case. They are well-versed in French style debate. Vietnamese are a group-orientated society used to living and working in close proximity to each other. Besides those symbols, buffalo had been chosen to be the mascot of the … It has been a part of Vietnamese culture since 1774, when it was ordered by Vo Vuong and made mandatory to wear by the Nguyen government. Top Tag’s. The “family unit” itself generally includes a larger nexus of relationships. Official holidays include: Labor Day (1 May), National Day (2 September), and Teacher's Day (19 November). Vietnamese Cultural Dress The cultural dress of Vietnam is called Ao Dai, meaning "long top". These tenets are closely interrelated. •    Women play important role Before Chinese rule (beginning in 100BC) old Vietnamese society was organised along hierarchical feudal lines. Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism are known in Vietnam as the ‘triple religion’, and all three are prevalent in Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese cultural classification is basically reactive and Confucian influence is still strong. If you want to have an overview of Vietnamese culture from an academic point of view, Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory can be a good starting point. Thus, they are expected to help one another, especially in difficult time. •    Resilience, tenacity Vietnamese people have long believed in the existence of a supernatural world. The flavors of Vietnamese food rang… Music and the water puppet theatre are strong elements of folklore. •    Filial Piety (pre-Chinese) Though Vietnamese people standard of living is not high … The Vietnamese people value humility, restraint, and modesty. Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon so try to avoid touching people of the opposite sex. •    Sense of proportion It is much more interdependent and tight-knit than what many Western cultures are familiar with. Sometimes, other relatives such as uncles, aunts, and cousins can also live under one roof. Vietnam values are still day by day on the way of continuity and change despite the profound influence of other countries including China, the US, France due to their dominance for centuries. Dress conservatively and keep your body covered. The Red River Delta with almost 19 million inhabitants is one of the most densely populated areas on earth. Three generations typically live together with the oldest father in charge of maintaining family traditions and moral values.25 According to Huynh Dinh Te, the Vietnamese family has more distinct and numerous members than in typical However, when you are aware of what the culture values, you can avoid doing things that are in opposition to those values. Moving out of the family at the age of 18 is not common in Vietnam, and the Vietnamese still live with their family until they get married. Bureaucracy is, however, still tortuous and corrupt, according to most standards. No matter your thoughts on the supernatural, don’t make light of … Vietnamese value person’s social standing, dignity and reputation, as well as honor. French influence is readily observable. Ruler and subject 2. Children are expected to be obedient to their mother and father. Confucianism is a system of behaviours and ethics that stress the obligations of people towards one another based upon their relationship.