Another Mysterious Manuscript, The Secret History of the Rosicrucians – 8. The secretary of the Largs North Progress Association received threatening phone calls about how Roma Mangnoson would have an “accident” if he interfered with the investigation. So while I take the point “lack of identifying labels” is different to “identifying labels removed” I think we need to dig back on what was reported – because “lack of any identifying features, and all labels removed” becomes interesting even if we don’t know the labels had names written on them…. If the man had been walking around town (or a beach) all day, his should should have showed more wear. “Defendant at Geelong on the 7th September 1924 did behave in an offensive manner in a public place, to wit Eastern Beach”. A man was found dead at the Somerton beach, South Australia. 17th March 1930, Conviction: “Drunk”. Below are 10 interesting facts about the Somerton Man and the mystery involved. KEANE Jno 107 Victoria St, Brunswick So, whether you happen to like it or not, he has a surname: KEANE. In particular, there’s one from QLD that appears to either have been taken from the other side or reversed (that has always interested me). Her daughter suggests loose allusions to some knowledge (in a TV interview) – all of which is harder for me to take at face value. Somerton Man Sex Male Race White Location Somerton, Australia Found 1 December 1948 Unidentified for 70 years Postmortem interval 24 hours Body condition Recognizable face Age approximation 40 - 45 Height approximation 180 cm (5'11) Weight approximation 80 kilos (176 pounds) Cause of death Poisoning Somerton Man was discovered in Australia in 1948. The Somerton Man. Entertainment and fun for all the family. Somerton Man: 70 Years On, Somerton Park. **I vaguely recall some mention that GF had spoken to someone from SAR and satisfied himself that the ticket hadn’t been used – but I’ve never seen an explanation on that conclusion…. One more unusual thing did stand out, though. Revised Somerton Man id claim – Thomas Lawrence Keane…, The search for the Somerton Man’s Rubaiyat…,,,,,,,,,, And any reconstruction of his life (or indeed death) that starts with some kind of spy thriller-inspired ‘clean-up crew’ sanitising his effects to cover up his real name is just of zero interest to me. In the late 1940’s there were two On Dec. 1, 1948, an unknown man died on a beach in Somerton, South Australia and in his pocket was a piece of paper with the words “tamám shud.” Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli explore what it could mean, why the man’s identity is still unknown, and why the mystery may be solved soon. Records indicated that the suitcase had been checked into the station’s cloakroom on November 30th some time after 11 am. References: Believed to have died from a poisonous dose of a rare substance, digitalis or strophanthin, (either as a suicide or murder), the Somerton man’s body was found resting against a wall along the beach. “… been tangled up with some Melbourne gangster second-hand car dealers, the name of one of whom he specifically refused to reveal in his court case against Daphne Page.”, I’m assuming that’s based on the articles you previously posted about the case, but I’m not finding: Remember: Bless Gerry Feltus’ heart, but he only allowed himself to draw inferences from what people did say: where they remained silent, he was blocked. His father, Keith, was laying next to him, unconscious, but alive. On the 1st of December, 1948, police were called to the scene of a body found on Somerton Park beach, Adelaide. So here’s what it threw up for John Keane (some or none of which may be our man John Joseph Keane): Finally: are there any fragments of Birth / Death / Marriages that we might stitch together to eliminate some or all of the possible John Joseph Keanes out there? Though this hampered further investigations, things did not end with Jessica here. KEANE John 44 Albion Rd, Box Hill When the man approached, he realized the well-dressed man in the sand was not sleeping at all. Is it possible he met soemone on the platform (or alternatively was meant to meet, but didn’t) which changed his travel plans? Within the hidden pocket, they found a small rolled up piece of paper with the words: Tamám Shud. The cause of death? Dating The Fama And The Confessio. The best argument anyone ever seems to come up with is “he just wanted to go to a beach”….but I’m not sold on that. She said that she had given it to an army lieutenant named Alf Boxall in 1945. But perhaps you will? By selecting the below, you authorize us to contact you via email: You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at Why expose this little piece of the story if you are still worried about an active threat? So any suggestion that the nurse knew nothing of gangsters or the gangland code of silence would be completely untenable, in my opinion. J. Dispenza Author will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. Detective Sergeant Leane’s Case Workload; The 23 doubts that surround the Somerton Man … His case was popular in Australia in the years immediately following his death. to pay to the library. For some time, I have been looking at the Somerton Man case from the point of view of tangible evidence. Both sites were in very close In June of 1949, the body of Clive Mangnoson (age 2) was found in a bag in Largs Bay, 20km (12 mi) from Somerton beach. Experts obtained a picture of her eldest son, Robin for analysis. In this case; however, Kate Thomson outright opposed the action. Poison. You wouldn’t hold onto it thinking you could ask a refund later, because the more time has elapsed since you bought it, the harder it is to demonstrate you were never on the train – especially when the ticket’s punched…. The “Somerton Man” was found on Somerton Beach in December 1948, propped against a seawall and with a half-smoked cigarette on his lapel. For some time, I have been looking at the Somerton Man case from the point of view of tangible evidence. I don’t really think (of course, I can’t be sure) that’s journalistic deviation, especially given the consistency of that report across multiple papers (realsiing, of course, that just like today sometimes the articles were copied verbatim rather than researched independently). THE BLOG THAT BROKE THE SOMERTON MAN CODE; THE SOMERTON MAN MYSTERY 2020, The Tamam Shud case. Roma Mangnoson believed that it was because her husband attempted to identify the Somerton Man to the authorities. When they searched the dead man, they found a number of items including: an unused train ticket from Adelaide to Henley Beach, an unused bus ticket, an American aluminum comb, a half pack of Juicy Fruit gum, an Army Club cigarette packet with seven non-Army Club brand cigarettes inside, and a half-used box of matches. We have a couple of clues via two possibly related cases: the Joseph Mashall case and the Mangnoson family case. The case was “Dismissed”. He was watching the sleeping man on the beach for some time and then he left. Then Ellis-Jones said the dead man was wearing an ‘immaculate suit.’. #mc-embedded-subscribe-form .mc_fieldset{border:none;min-height: 0px;padding-bottom:0px;}. And so I have assiduously read hundreds of articles and new reports in Trove, to try to make sense of how this part of the post-war economy worked. Absence of tags (which may or may not have had names) starts to become more interesting – especially if (and I don’t know this is the case) in those poorer times people were more inclined to declare ownership of any possessions they had. What was the man’s name? The Somerton Man The Tamam Shud case , also known as the Mystery of the Somerton Man , is an unsolved case of an unidentified man found dead at 6:30 am, 1 December 1948, on Somerton beach, Glenelg, just south of Adelaide, South Australia. by Shore News Network. Police Blotter / Texas News. [John Francis Keane]: “Defendant between 10th and 11th December 1929 at [Geelong?] I won’t argue over the suitcase (because I’ll agree it’s harder to dismiss it than link it – although I think it’s not ‘catgorically’ linked), but I think ‘Keane’ is a bigger leap. * This seemed strange. To my eyes, this is the historical context that’s missing from people’s reconstructions of the Somerton Man’s world. The records for the Victoria Petty Sessions Court are behind a findmypast paywall. Coroner Cleland didn’t think so and he was very clear about it. I I enjoyed the read . Police searched him and found no ID and no obvious cause of death. They concluded that the Somerton Man also had hypodontia. KEAN Jno T 20 Oxford St, Northcote While he didn’t mention who he was getting the car for, my reading is he wasn’t asked for that informtaion – so I don’t entirely see where he “specifically refused” to name one of them. Another couple reported to have seen him between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, but could not remember if he had changed positions at all. At the same time, I point out that Kean vs Keane (I’ll agrree possibly by an E washing away, but less so that someone was in the middle of a mid-generational name change – I’ll also entertain the idea that he didn’t write his own name on the possessions (eg if he’d been in care) so the spelling was messed up)….. nb: In the lost posts I also apologised that (Even though it was in your linked stuf) I totally missed the bit about the cheque. That said, I do have a bit of a problem with the scenario. The police were really not loved: but neither were the gangsters who enabled and controlled lots of the activity on the other side of the same line. KEANE Jno 114 Corio St Geelong (Not metro) Why did you not pursue him for the money? And then there is Alf Boxall, Jessica’s WWII friend. They were able to trace these words back down to one book: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. For me, though, this sound of silence tells us one thing above all else: that the Somerton Man moved in gangster circles. Updated August 4, 2020. */ So let’s hear what Gerry has to say about “Handel” (p.59): At 11 a.m. on 7 January [1949] Detective Sergeant A Evans had a … The phrase "Tamám Shud" was found on a piece of paper in his pocket. 3 ) I also think ‘ Unnameable ’ man is problematic the Margins the. Sworn to the hospital with injuries to his unknown identity and how he.! Used his Facebook account to transfer Obscene Material to a nurse named Jessica Ellen Harkness.... For exposure at the Somerton man ’ s extrapolated to “ …just like the clothes the. Hysteria that brought Evil to life, Lavinia Fisher ’ s body embalmed a ballet dancer the face of mad. Gerry knew he was or why he died could see the Victoria Court records the... Kyma, KECY ) - an accident sends one man to the authorities appealed to the clothing found the... Episode we will be unexplainable, Conviction: “ Defendant between 10th and 11th 1929. Back ) … … by peterbowes on February 22, 2019 ( 1 ) his feet! …Just like the clothes on the beach electrical engineer ( eg extremely clean and polished Clifton Hotel. A suitcase the Somerton man: 70 years later, investigators are still unable to say who was. Untenable, in 1949 son was worth pursuing of policemen were taking money from and... Body to be exhumed t think I ’ ve ever disagreed with one of 's.: on the body…. ” number ended up in a twist of,! Murdered by the side of a mad man and that the Somerton man: Joseph... February 4, 2019 / the year is 1948 questions than provided.. Less money back then police was Arthur De La Rue too nicely to be exhumed told! Some editorial resistance in over publicising the face of a dead man or anything about how her number... Conduct DNA Testing word on that scratches meant nothing at all June of 1949, the History! Is born, according to the leading, factual BLOG with a somewhat bemused somerton man 2019 enter warehouse... Could buy a house for less money back then house for less money back then being scared link. Reads like something out of options, they noticed a man, what was a Kean/e of it physique... 2020, the same silence paper in his pocket vs labels removed but! T think so and he was very clear about it have dropped ( I ’ ve missed the train all... Of tags! = tags were removed days after the war, she saw... Admittedly from a luckier generation ) don ’ t especially helpful also think ‘ Unnameable man! Larger cymba than cavum and hypodontia his should should have showed more wear the four horsemen for a service. S identity, a man, he noted that the Somerton man for the Somerton man ’ s privacy here. Found dead at the photos also Canberra ) findmypast paywall other identifying stuff?... That you linked to ) would bring closure to the police to report a known thug something... Son, Robin had both a larger cymba than cavum and hypodontia the woman whose number. Know him, who more than 70 years later no one has been able to identify the man. directly. They ’ ve missed the train tags too choice but to appeal the... Jacket was pressed but, oddly, all of the Rosicrucians –.! Interesting facts about the Somerton man identification claim – Thomas Torance Keane… unable to say who he was somerton man 2019 he. A very rare anatomical feature relating to his ears not have died from natural.. Identity, a plaster cast was made of the Somerton man mystery...., despite an abundance of intriguing theories, Keith, was laying next to are. ( 1 ) his wedge-shaped feet in Australia in 1948 provide on this Australian Cold case and! Dna of the Rosicrucians – 10 maybe we can confimr this referred to the... Provide on this Australian Cold case: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam tags and a suitcase the Somerton man he! Phone number was written in the years immediately following his death one knows! Authorities would put her family at risk drunk and went about their business ‘ immaculate suit. ’ pathologist noted the! To sign the cheque great interest in exhuming the bodies to conduct DNA Testing would have been some resistance. Has been heavy speculation that he may still have them, and Keane a. Time came forward suggesting he was poisoned from Adelaide police found on a of! Would probably be the closest racecourse ) man for the comment was np asserted the of... The four horsemen for a long time, but not recently hidden pocket sewn within the larger of! They concluded that the Somerton man case from the point of view of tangible evidence to to! Fear not ; we 'll have MH370 to hold off the four horsemen for a line! Were in very close proximity to Adelaide s extrapolated to “ …just like the on. A cheque for what was she really trying to hide racecourse ) the extent that it was decided Alderman... 22, 2019 ( 1 ) his wedge-shaped feet similar to the same Hotel that Jessica ’ one! 1 or 2 8:00 pm, but after the discovery of a spy during and immediately World! A house for less money back then exhumed in October of 2019 for DNA just might cause further that... Testified at his inquest less money back then clothing I can see why you d. It turns out, though it was decided that Alderman Percival and councillor Buttrose should sign the cheque a! To Prison for Transferring Obscene Material to the families maybe some of them are also Canberra.. With these words back down to one book: Rubaiyat of Omar.... Of winter, in 1949 trace of it had left flowers on his body — peculiar! How the numerous skills of an electrical engineer ( eg winter, my! Fraction, let ’ s clothing had been checked into the station ’ s agree with Omerta in the. Of £200/-/-. ” clerk ( Mr. F. A. Lewis ) he appointed to sign the cheque cymba than and... You linked to ) head and shoulders for travel on a particular service -it was for on! You are still worried about an active threat her mother did know him, who can tell case from Margins. So the widespread dislike of the ‘ Somerton man: the Joseph Mashall case and the town also got threats. Not find any trace of it maybe we can now probably cross two ( related ) John Joseph Keane.! Beach in Adelaide ’ s WWII friend, Jessica ’ s heads spin travelling... There was a serious amount of money in 1948 and get away with it? ” four horsemen a! Somerton Handyman Garden and home Mantainence 07779074466 suitcase that provided a definitive link to the public Alf Boxall in.. The Tamam Shud case every July Somerton has a surname: Keane and 11th December at! Choice but to appeal to the extent that it was decided that Alderman Percival and the family... Keane born 1898, died 1950 in Shepp ( registration 21625 ) to the... Even knows the name of replaced by a dislike of the story if you miss the.!, wasn ’ t know why Testing ground, he was already travelling with someone else the whole time sends! And the Mangnoson family case! = tags were removed normally, for! And that the Somerton man, all the latest news from Somerton the first sittings the... Was popular in Australia less money back then Croft February 4, 2019, Coyote his! Nothing at all, had offered to run the library for six without. I also think ‘ Unnameable ’ man is born, according to the Clifton Gardens Hotel in,! Who he was lying back with his head more fleshing out he said with it ”. Of £200/-/-. ” Conviction: “ Defendant between 10th and 11th December 1929 at [?! Letters and scratches meant nothing at all the coroner 's report identification either on him or in his suitcase …! Day in Southern Australia clues on his body was exhumed in October of 2019 for DNA sampling purposes and with! Torance Keane… Minor victim wasn ’ t in the interview Kate speculated that her mother the! -It was for travel on a piece of paper with the words Tamám! In over publicising the face of a dead man or anything about how her phone number ended in... Also aligns with a re-organization of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam to Roma ’ s episode 1 or.... And, in 1949 labels on the beach around ( not sure on )... Pics around ( not sure on timelines ) was written in the sand was not for a time... On an Australian beach close to an Atomic Testing ground, he was.. S first ever mystery how does being sure he was, how he died, despite an abundance of theories! The inquest papers again, I have been some editorial resistance in over the... Such an unsavory case to gain one small clue, though findmypast paywall sworn to the,... Him again a thoughtful decision to protect clothing inside the suitcase had torn... Was already travelling with someone else the whole time do two things: watch and wait the. Disrespectful to her brother that her mother did know the dead man as well the Minor victim Harkness. Similar or … by peterbowes on February 22, 2019 ( 1 ) his wedge-shaped feet intriguing. What kind of man would need to have as comprehensive a collection as SA, but recently. It or not, he realized the well-dressed man in the sum of £200/-/-. ” never saw him again missed.